Awesome Old Repurposed Vhs Tapes & Cases Ideas

Yes, you are thinking right that this is not the era of using VPS tapes. But what about their cases? These can be reused like this.

The case of vhs tape is now turned into a mailbox. You can easily create it by yourself.

The old plastic vhs tape cases are fun to reuse. Look at this image, how useful these are looking in terms of storing stuff.

Wow…. This is so commendable. The different vhs tape cases have been combined to create this table.

Well, you can use the old vhs cd covers also in such a way. It is too amazing indeed. So, have you decided to do this?

Turn the old vhs tape cases into the pencil box of your kid. This seems to be perfect and best to save money.

Store all of your colored tapes inside the vhs tape case. It can be used in this amazing way. You should also try this.

Wrap the old vhs tape covers with any colored paper and mention their use by writing over them. This is so convenient.

Don’t buy the pencil or color boxes anymore for your children. Why don’t you use vhs tape covers for this purpose.

Stunning clutch that has been turned from a vhs tape cover. You can also give it this unique look.