Coolest Ideas To Reuse Old Cd Holders

Coolest Ideas To Reuse Old Cd Holders

Instead of throwing cd holders in trash bin, you can get the idea of reusing them in a unique way. This is definitely a best way of it.

The large DIY pink doll house is all set to be decorated in your girl child’s room. It is looking simple perfect and with the ideal color combination.

This is so beautiful and useful jewelry hanging tool made from the old CDs. You can also make it at home.

The old CD cases are best to make this home-made roof-hanging piece. You’d definitely feel great using it.

Wow… this is an innovative use of CD to use the rope as per the requirement. You’d find it quite useful indeed.

The CDs have been turned into this beautiful stand to hang lots of your small stuff. I must say that this is inventive idea.

Lunchbox made with the CD case. It seems quite useful and best if you want to save your money.

No more worries for keeping the cards. This is the ideal stand made from the two half CDs for fixing the cards.

CD box turned into a beautiful decoration piece. The border and colors of this box are simple awesome.

The paint and some art has fully transformed this CD case. I was surprised after knowing its reality.