Diy Ways To Reuse Old Ladders

This old wooden ladder has been turned into the long stand of racks. This is looking simply awesome.

The white ladder has been placed horizontally to hang the clothes. This is looking superb for sure.

After seeing this stand of drawers, I decided not to discard my ladders ever. This is really intelligent use of ladder.

This ladder has got a perfect use for decorating flower pots. This is an ideal choice for decorating your green spaces more.

The old ladder has now the beautiful vases made of glass. This is quite useful way of using the ladder.

Two old ladders are now being reused in a perfect manner. The wall has now got a complete look after having this.

Ladders are perfect to reuse for storing a lot of stuff. This is quite amazing idea for using your old ladder again.

I loved the way this ladder has been used to transform into the shelf of books. This is quite innovative concept.

All kinds of boxes have been perfectly stored in this ladder. You can also replicate this idea with no reluctance.

The small ladders also have a great reuse. This is best to create beautiful table stand as shown in this picture.