Brilliant Ideas How To Reuse Old Shoes

Do you know that old shoes also have a great reuse? All you need to do is to become more creative and use them in the shown way.

A shoe has been turned into the plant pot. You can reuse your shoe in this way but I’m not sure about me.

The wall hanging flower pots are of no use anymore. The colorful slippers or shoes are enough for this use.

This is the unique way of arranging plant pots. You can fix the old shoes in such pots in the shown way.

This is so much beautiful creation. A shoe is adorned with the bunch of flowers and few rats (that are not alive for sure).

I actually didn’t like this idea. This is neither looking good nor so much useful. It’s better to throw the slippers instead.

The little effort can give you more fruitful results. Look at this high heel sandal that has been fully changed by giving a new look.

This is another best idea of creating a unique wall décor item. You can also use any other thing instead of slippers.

Decorate your garden’s trees in this way. It’s better to reuse your old shoes than throwing in the trash.

I liked this idea a lot. This really gives us best suggestions of reusing the used shoes in a more creative manner.