Fantastic Ways To Reuse The Old Belts Lying Around Your House

Fantastic Ways To Reuse The Old Belts Lying Around Your House

Who says you to throw old belts in the bin? These can have perfect use as you’re seeing in this image.

Vase made from an old belt. This is superb. Have you ever thought of having it? Definitely, no.

The designed belts with the amazing patterns can be used to make this kind of ideal photo frames. Don’t waste time and create them now.

The belt has been used to hang bird’s nest. This is undoubtedly another perfect use of old belts rather than throwing them.

All of your old belts can be turned into a sheet of these square patterns. This can be your wall hanging item perfectly.

Even the belt’s clip is quite useful. Look at this necklace that got large center part from the belt. This is so beautiful.

This chair has been transformed by using the sheets of belts on the sitting part. It is a great innovation which can’t be ignored.

The table clock has got a new frame. It is made of none other thing than the old belt. I’m quite amazed by seeing it.

Great use of belt to keep the flower pot protected and hanged for the decoration purpose. You can also steal this idea.

Don’t have a book shelf? Then, why are you feeling worried? Simply, use old belts and make a wall hanging book storing item like this.